Monday morning thoughts

View from the Wing... 6:30 AM

Getting up at 4:20 in the morning is pretty uninspiring. Getting up at 4:20 in the rain might be a speck worse.

Alas, the weekend is over and it is a travel week again.

A few thoughts on this morning:
  1. I'm adding something to my bucket list. I want to touch the nose of an airplane. Weird right? But I do.
  2. I saw two people that I "knew" at the airport this morning. I put the word "knew" in quotes because I didn't remember the other guy. We met on a plane two weeks ago when I accidentally called him an asshole. True story. What happened was he apologized for something and I said "Don't worry about it. I'm normally the asshole who eats a breakfast sandwich on the plane." Then he took out a breakfast sandwich. Oops. Seems like we are still friends. 
  3. What did business travelers do before Bose headphones? They are remarkable and block out everything I don't need to hear. 
  4. Sometimes when I'm sitting on the couch at home, I look at the seat cushions and wonder if I use them as a floatation device. They don't look any different than airplane seats. 
  5. I'm glad that I'm wearing a dark blue dress today because the coffee I got from Au Bon Pain leaked on me multiple times. Is it bad that after I realized it was leaking and it wouldn't show, I kind of stopped caring? 
End of list.

Hope that your Monday doesn't have you up before the sun.

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