It's an occasion for a gathering

taken in July 1980
When you've been married for 30 years, it normally is cause to have a few friends over and get your kids to make you a meal. So that's what we did.

When cooking for a dozen-ish people after a long week, it was a goal to make the meal as easy as possible... plus, when you are having friends over you want to spend as much time talks to beloved friends not cutting cheese. So this is what we served:
  • homemade salsa by yours truly ... with chips of course
  • scallops wrapped in bacon... sourced from a local caterer
  • crab dip... sourced from aunt
  • handmade burgers!
  • chicken sausage
  • two salads.... yes two, this was a very festive party.

I ate my burger on sourdough bread from French Memories - which was an excellent idea. Another great idea, bacon cheese. You can't really see in this picture... but it was the bomb dot com. What you can see is  the delectable pesto pasta salad made by our cousin. All in all if was a successful evening. So successful that I didn't take any pictures of the salsa making process, or the eating of it, or the leftovers.

Baby Sister raised the bar above my angel food cake from earlier in the week with a three layer beauty. I'll spare you the pictures of the build process.... but needless to say, there were some moments when the cake didn't look as "polished" as it does in these final pictures.

Well done little one. Well done.

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