Happy Birthday to me.

I think I've been working since I was 15. Since I turned 28 this year, that means I have 13 working years under my belt. {Wow, that seems a little depressing to type and realize}. Yes, those years comprise life-guarding, bookstores, and corporate America but of those 13 years, I've only worked 1 one them. Its like my little celebration to myself. NO WORK TODAY!

I had a really nice birthday this year for many reasons - one of which was the weather. Another reason was that I didn't have the flu like I did last year.

So, here are some pictures to show how I celebrated my birthday.... enjoy. To show how relaxed and lazy I was, I didn't even use my nice camera all day.... so these are Droid shots.
10:23 AM - Visited the town library.
11:41 AM - Read the WSJ in the backyard
1:21 PM - Cousin Molly delivered me a delish BLT... which I ate in the backyard
1:50 PM - Rabbit all awkward in an armchair

2:35 - Went for a dip in the ocean.
4:37 PM - Went to the local farmers market. I just love farmers markets.
4:48 PM - Are you comfortable Gladys?
4:56 PM - Reading my new book from the library, eating a cake pop, and drinking a Starbucks passion ice tea.
9:29 PM - Time to eat a delish cake. Flower not edible.

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