Tomato goodness.

You know when you make something so delicious that you can't wait to make it again? That would be what happened to me on Saturday night.  With the abundance of tomatoes in the garden, I knew that I needed to do something with them. A mere salad would not suffice. I really needed to celebrate the tomato.

I stumbled upon this Cozy Kitchen post about roasted tomatoes and knew that I had found the answer. Roasted tomatoes. Boom. I am honestly not sure when I've made something so delicious with so few ingredients.

Roasted tomatoes are now my go to impress meal. You know the one that you keep under your belt for when you don't have much time, but you really want to wow someone? Enter... roasted tomatoes.
Ingredients? Tomatoes. Salt. Pepper. Olive oil.... and sugar. THAT'S IT.
Check out that pile of tomatoes. Gorgeous home grown, delicious, juicy tomatoes.

I'm a lazy chef who uses their hands - even for sugar.

 Check out all that fresh tomato juice. Then, all the tomatoes dressed up and ready for the party. The oven party that is.

After a mere 5 minutes prep time, these bad boys were in the oven. I had read a few recipes that ranged in cook time from 30 minutes (at 450F) to 3 hrs at (225F). So I split the difference and went with 20 minutes at 450F... and then about 20 minutes at 300F. I wanted these babies to simmer in the juicy business. It was worth every minute.

I'd love to give you a recipe but we know I don't do measurements. So here it goes...
Olive Oil
  • Heat oven to 450F and put tomatoes on cookie sheet face up.
  • Drizzle moderately aggressively with olive oil. Season heavily-ish with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with white sugar.
  • Toss those bad boys in the oven. Now, try and be patient.
  • Are you feeling extra patient? Lower the temp on the oven and add some extra time. You can't go wrong :)

Perfect summer meal. End. of. Story.

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