Hi Weekend :)

It's nearly the weekend - which feels incredible. 

I worked from home this week {which was magically relaxing} and ate my lunch outside any chance I could... including today. The upsides of eating lunch outside today? I got to listen to the construction workers nearby sing country music. Hello, handsome. Downside? A bird pooped on me.

You win some, you lose some. The last time a bird pooped on me was the last week in April 2010. I know because it happened three times in one week. Yes, three. So, I'm hoping today wasn't the start of a new streak.

On my list this weekend:
  • learn more about the manual settings on my camera
  • find more mussel shells at the beach
  • make this ice coffee from A Cozy Kitchen
  • cook something else I've never made before - ever {I can't promise I won't cheat on this one}
  • mail two random cards to friends
Not a bad list if you ask me.

Enjoy the weekend interwebs.

Image Source: google.es via Trula on Pinterest

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