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One of the downsides of hotel living is that you don't get to cook for yourself. Now, one of the upsides is that I never have to make my bed or wash loads of laundry. So, you win some you lose some.

Over the past weekend, there was a lot of time spent in the kitchen and it was all to put some delicious eats in my belly. Although I love cooking for friends and family, there is something super satisfying about making a super tasty meal for one and then savoring it. Nobody judges how fast or slow I finish my meal, or in a more likely case, how much of it I spill on myself. 

One of my favorite meals to make for myself {and a few others} is this CRAZY TASTY {yep, those capitals are required} summer scallop dish. 

I made it for the first time when I lived in New Jersey for the summer and since then I've changed it up a little bit depending on circumstances. This week, I was a little extra hungry so I grilled up some corn to add to the "salsa". Excellent addition if I do say so myself.

Like all of my recipes, I don't follow amounts so bare with me :) but essentially this is what happens.
  1. Turn on the grill to medium heat and toss an ear of corn on the grill. I'm sure everyone has their own way of doing this, but I strip the corn of its protective husk and grill to my hearts content. I like to see the grill marks.
  2. Lightly salt and pepper some scallops and toss them in a little bit of olive oil  - just enough to cover them. Put these babies on the grill, and just let them cook essentially until they have grill marks. Then flip, and repeat.
  3. While your seafood is grilling away, take care of the "salsa". For this bit of goodness, I use half an avocado per person and cut it up pretty small. Dice up the honeydew as well and cut your corn off the cob. Put these 3 ingredients in a bowl and drizzle lightly with olive oil {like a tablespoon per person}. Add the juice of half a lime and salt and pepper.
As a little bit of a timesaver, I bought honeydew melon that was already cut up at the store. Not everyone is a fan of honeydew and a whole melon tends to go to waste, so this was a good move in a few ways. This meal just makes me so happy when I cook it - its the perfect summer meal, but that doesn't mean I haven't made it in the winter :). This was actually the first time that I've cooked it on the grill, normally I do it on the stove but the grill was so much better.

The salsa bizness is SO TASTY and is slightly reminiscent of this glorious chicken that baby sister and I made a few months ago. A normal person {not me} will have an a little extra salsa if they follow the above recipe. I didn't because I promptly finished the whole thing and restrained myself from licking the bowl.

So here is the shopping list so you can also enjoy this tasty delight:
- scallops {like 5 per person}
- lime {1/2 lime per person}
- corn {a little less than an ear per person is fine}
- honeydew melon {3/4 cup diced-ish}
- avocado {1/2 per person}
- olive oil, salt, pepper

In the event you don't like my faux measurements, here is the link to the original recipe from Food & Wine magazine.

Baby Sister and I also had some tasty mussels on Sunday night a la the grill and I'll post that event later as well.

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