Old Time Happiness

I hope I haven't raised the bar with that title... and you think I'm talking about rolling tires through a field or something. I'm pretty much just referring to ice cream.

Oh Saturday, I was hanging out with Little Brother at the house. An easy day of reading on the porch / hammock / yard ... anywhere there was sun pretty much. Then it hit me, a very strong craving for ice cream but specifically, ice cream with peanut butter sauce. I can't get enough of it. There is something about peanut butter sauce that just takes away my will to fight anything. All I want to do, is sit down, pull my knees up, and get at that dish with a spoon. I don't leave a speck of saucy goodness behind. Feel free to check.

There is this place near where we live called JJ's Dairy Hut and I remember going here for as long as I've been eating ice cream it feels like. The place is only open seasonally, but that's kinda hard to tell considering the sign says "Open" all the time :).
Regardless, its a classy classic place to grab a cone and feel a little bit like ipods don't exist - even though this place is on Foursquare. The vanilla softserve with peanut butter dip {which might actually be better than sauce in fact} was heavenly. Little brother got vanilla with REAL cookie dough chunks and fudge sauce. ... and we both polished those bad boys off real nice.

As a bonus note... The ladies in this house also love peanut butter sauce on "Purple Cow" Ice Cream from Wilburs {another place that doesn't have a website, but has a Foursquare Venue}. Purple Cow ice cream is essentially like black raspberry {maybe} with white chocolate and black chocolate "chips" {that aren't really traditional chips} but also these little tart pieces as well. It's the bomb dot com. Now, add peanut butter sauce. 

You can't tell from this picture, but I'm eating this out of my parent's Waterford Crystal tumbler glasses. Yep, that's how we roll over here. Ice cream in crystal cause we sure as hell aren't using it for entertaining the queen.

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