How I Spent Christmas

Our family loves Christmas. Like for real. 

We have a forest of Christmas trees that are set-up each year.... and each come with their very own theme. Its for real yo.

Christmas for us also means.... sweatpants, snuggling in front of the fire, Netflix, and any other word that emits extreme casual. While I respect people that put on blazers and tights for dinner, I fundamentally don't get it. Why wouldn't you want an elastic waistband? Why wouldn't you want to be gently covered in blankets on the couch? Please note, that if for some reason you ever invite me to your family occasion and you get "dressed up"... I will too and happily. Don't worry.

Christmas this year was pretty awesome. Not to make it all about me, but I got some gifts that were crazy thoughtful slash funny slash true to my character. But since, I already have my gifts packed up for my return to the North End that'll be a whole other post because it's worth it. Instead, I'll share some snaps on how we spent the day cause it was a pretty great day.

Mass with the Family
Note: I got reprimanded by the lady next to me for laughing in church. I'm not making this up. It was like out of the movies. The thing was I wasn't even laughing. I was just perplexed by the whole word changes that seem to have gone down since I was last at church. It's like they want it to be crazy obvious who doesn't go regularly
Traditional Family Breakfast
We always have a family Christmas breakfast ... and since my aunt lives just a few steps away.... Little Brother and I just longboarded over. Never thought I'd be longboarding in December...
 Moccasins, Jeggings, and a big down coat.... seems pretty great.
 Sitting in front of the fire.... with some stellar breakfast food and a mimosa. The traditional menu items? Sausage egg casserole (so good it hurts... probably my heart... but its... worth.... it) and blueberry french toast.
Present time.
This book was the first present I opened. In the event you are distracted my grandfather and brother in the background.... its an Ansel Adams book on Yosemite .... as in where I took part of my epic California adventure. I don't get emotional but for some reason, I literally started to tear up opening it. How's that for honesty? It's the truth. The minute I saw the cover and knew that I had stood in that exact spot (Tunnel View Day 3 and Day 4) it was oddly surreal.
 Dinner.... and leftovers
The next best thing to wearing sweatpants during a formal meal.... is the leftovers the next day. We had ham and potatoes and veggies for dinner. For breakfast today I chopped and crisped up those taters and tossed is some of the ham. Guess what? It was delicious. I didn't add a single thing to it. Not salt. Not pepper. Nothing.

The other highlight that doesn't have any pictures? I had an amazeballs run after dinner. Like amazeballs. I put on my comfy pants. Loaded up a playlist and hit the road. I took a totally different route than I normally do and it was awesome.... plus it was the furthest I've run (thanks Runkeeper for keeping track).
Confession? I'm thinking about registering for the Hyannis Half Marathon in a few months. I think it'd be great for a few reasons:
(1) It'll keep me motivated for winner running
(2) It'll cross something off my bucket list
(3) It's a coastal run. Come on.... we know I love the ocean!

So we'll see. I'm going to noodle on that for a few days.

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