My (Current) Vices

Oh Boston. You and your gorgeous night lights are my vice currently.

I'm a little confused by the fact that it hasn't snowed yet - but I'm still loving this weather. Last week I invested in some super warm running pants and even cooler gloves from South End Athletic Company... since then I can't get enough of running outside. Despite how chilly it feels walking home from work, I'm totally compelled to put on these fabulous pants and hit the pavement. Monday night I ran a similar route to Sunday's run .... but this time my iPhone battery didn't die ... and I was able to take more pictures of Christmas lights. Win and Win. Feel free to mark running and Christmas lights down as vices ... in the event you are keeping track, which you should be.

Christopher Columbus Park ....
The lights on the delightful tree in Paul Revere Park

Oh, and one more thing. I heard a delicious cooking tip this weekend... that sounds "special" to start but it clearly quite delicious. Wrap your hot dog in bacon. Yes, exactly. It was awesome. I also recommend pairing that with the culinary wonder of Kraft Mac & Cheese. It won't disappoint.

I know you are probably thinking, "Dear God Woman, are you trying to kill your heart?" And the answer would be no ... but thankfully I did just get a full blood workup done and I can say rather definitively that I'm doing just fine despite my impressive intake of bacon related products.

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