December Beach Runs

Hi Europe! Looking to the East....

Gorg right?

If you don't think so, then you are crazy.

I got home to my parent's house this morning from my beloved North End. As we were driving back from the train station (which was de-sert-ted btw) I noticed it was a crazy high tide.... which meant that by the time I was ready to go for a run.... it would be .... an .... awesome.... low tide. My favorite.

So after a day of conference calls, couch sitting, coffee drinking, and spontaneous macaroni and cheese making .... I put on my favorite warm running pants, mismatched socks, and brightly colored shirt. I seriously can't get socks to match unless its a threat. It wouldn't be so bad if I chose to wear white socks, but I acquired a 5 pack of crazy bright colors in Pennsylvania awhile back... and as a result I've been known to wear any combo of pink, orange, yellow, green, or blue. True story. I think it adds to my charm.

But, the tide was awesome. I was able to run a fair amount on the beach ... and pretty much only stopped because my ears were a bit cold... although I probably could have stopped due to wet feet since I have a tendency to try and run as close to the water as possible. It's like a game and I really like beating the waves.

So, feel free to enjoy the fruits of my labor (or just a 3 mile run) with these snaps. I'm pretty much never going to get tired of taking them .... its much more fun to look at pictures of the beach on my phone than pictures of whiteboards from the ole work week.
Looking South from Well Rock .... just glorious
Looking North ... can't quite see Minot's Light but I promise you it's there.

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