Self-Control = Zero

This afternoon I was craving chocolate.

To be more specific, I was craving pretzel rods, dipped in chocolate, with seasonal sprinkles. Is that too specific?

Well, due to some work place constraints (read as... really aggressive powerpoint-ing) I was unable to spend any time tracking down my craving. Besides.... where would I have gone? Starbucks? I don't think they had what I was looking for. So instead, I grabbed a Kitkat from the office snack space.

I figured the Kitkat would be better than the other options... and theoretically since it easily broke into pieces I'd be able to "make it last" a little bit longer. Well, I'm not very good at making things last. I have to trick myself into waiting. I hide things from myself, which can be challenging when its chocolate. I've been known to melt some Easter Eggs by the heat of my laptop... not the best approach.

So, this is how long it took for the kitkat to disappear.

3:47 PM.... 25% gone. No sense in telling you when I opened the kitkat... just know that it was moments before this was taken. 

3:49 PM .... I'll just take a nibble of the 2nd one. That will hold me off. FALSE. This segment didn't stand a chance. It was essentially like a wounded animal. I just picked it off.

3:58 PM.... Ah, as you can see from the cables ... I tried to hide the kitkat behind my computer. Fail. I found it.

4:03 PM... Done.

In doing the math.... the kitkat lasted almost 20 minutes. I find this impressive. Someone with more self-control would probably find that time to be child's play. Well, if you are that person.... go ahead, take pictures of your half eaten kitkat and share them.

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