Bits of My Weekend

As I write this I'm tucked into my cozy bed, gazing at my Christmas tree and finishing a glass of red wine. Oh, and I'm interwebing to some Spotify-ied Christmas Jazz music. Can't beat this.

Whenever the weekend approaches, I make a list of all the things I want / need to accomplish before I turn back into a pumpkin and its Monday morning. This weekend, I made the list ... and accomplished very little. It was a perfect weekend of walks / runs / socializing / Netflix.

So here are a few snaps to fill in the gaps....

[1] On Friday, Baby Sister and I grabbed some quick appetizers after work in the North End. The food was "fine" ... but given the amount that we ordered you would think we were feeding more than two people. We ordered fried artichokes, Tomato/Mozzarella, and Bruschetta. Don't worry, we took most of it home.
[2] On Saturday, I found myself in a free hot chocolate line on Newbury Street. Thanks Timberland! Plus, I got a fabulous haircut. Normally, I walk away from haircuts traumatized.... but this was a pretty baller / awesome experience. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Tom Brady also gets his haircut at Pini Swissa.
[3] [4] Relaxing awesome runs. Saturday running by the Constitution. Sunday running to Southie... but seeing all the glorious lights along the way. 
[5] Emptying my candy jar looking for more Mr. Goodbars. Seriously, why can't I buy a whole bag of the mini ones? It's all I want... and I have clearly finished all the ones that I had.
[6] [7] Relaxing daytime activities. Enjoying my Christmas decorations .... and unpacking a box of prized possessions. Sweatpants of course.

My run today was so great, despite the seriously cold weather. In the event there was any doubt about wether or not I'm an ocean lady, I ran along the Harbor for most of my run tonight. It was so great - although my perpensity for thinking that I'm seeing a seal .... is greatly increased at night. Slight downside. I actually even ran up to the Boston Aquarium tonight and thought about checking out that seal / otter / "whatever it is" tank they have out front... but then I realized the water would be dark and I really didn't want to be peering into dark water and have a seal pop at my face. I'd most certainly lose my cool... and since it was already crazy cold, that seemed like a bad idea.

Weekend Discoveries? Vito's Tavern for drinks on Saturday night. North End Nails for relaxation on Sunday afternoon. "Arrested Development" on Netflix... how have I not watched this show before? Seriously.

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