Bath Time

Despite my serious and growing love of the North End, I do not love my bathroom. The fan is loud and the tiles are an unattractive shade of pink. But the real issue is that I seem to only get enough hot water for a quick-ish shower. Which is fine if that's all you need.... but I'm a lady. A lady who would love a longer, hotter shower after a long day or a chilly run. 

SO. Despite the slight inconvenience of coming to Phoenix for what amounts to be like 28 hours, I am taking full advantage of the "better than my apartment" bathtub. If you'd like to do the math, I will have been checked-in to my hotel for about 13 hours .... and taken two bubble baths.

Excessive? No. The word you are looking for is Awesome. 

After a team dinner last night, I made myself a nice hot, bubbly bath. I set up the glorious Spotify "Serenity" mix that my sister made for me. I made myself a cup of Earl Grey tea.... and climbed right into that sucker of a tub. It was awesome.

How awesome? So great, that I did it all again this morning before going to work. Except this time with coffee and a copy of the newspaper. And, yes.... I did fill the tub to the very brim. I like to live on the edge.

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