Lovin' on Christmas

Last night I fell asleep with my Christmas tree lights on .... on purpose. 

I'm all for saving electricty but I just enjoyed gazing over at my tree from my crazy comfortable bed .... and trying to forget that I had to be up at 4:30 in the morning.

I've been really busy falling in love with the North End recently. As someone who moved here reluctantly, I can't imagine living anywhere else. Yes, its a huge selling point that my sister lives next door... but I just totally love everything that this place has. Including, my apartment. This weekend Baby Sister and I had our first annual Sisterly Christmas Party and it was awesome. There isn't much you can complain about when you get a whole bunch of your friends and family in one room and serve them a festive punch (drink, not a hit to the face).

If the Christmas tree in my bedroom doesn't make your little Christmas heart go pitter patter, then maybe this one will.

I've been running a fair amount in the North End and loving it. Last week the weather was still so great that I could go for a run in the lovely light rain. My main method of precipitation protection? A blaze orange baseball hat. The awesome hat proved detrimental however.... because just as I was starting out on my run I quite literally ran into someone. Not walked. Ran. So, it was clearly of interest to this young fella to point me out to his friend later on in my run. I'm just thankful he wasn't elderly .... otherwise we'd have a broken hip on our hands.

Goal for the rest of the week? Invest in some cool weather running clothes. I'm rather addicted to running in Christmas lights ... and fundamentally I'd rather not get pneumonia.

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  1. Excelllent Christmas Party. Great food and people. After us old farts left the younger crowd in charge we enjoyed one of your local pubs. Merry Christmas


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