What Makes You Tick?

 overlooking the Pacific Ocean.... driving Route 1..... gorg.

Have you ever thought about makes you happy?

I was on my flight back from Phoenix last night and had some time to kill. It's not a short flight. I had already watched three episodes of Golden Girls, fought "Angry Birds" for awhile, and watched Friends with Benefits the movie.

I've always been a list maker (um, hi bucket list) and the "who am I?" page is probably the closest I ever came to making a list of what makes me tick. I was thinking that despite how busy I had been recently, I felt really and truly happy. Being the analytical person that I am, I tried to figure out what it was that had changed. I couldn't really ... But that was in part because I decided to make a list of all the things that made me happy. In an effort to keep the list focused and without a lot of thought, I set a 2 minute timer.

Here is my list....

Iced coffee
The water
Text messages
Email history
Landing at airports
Email confirmations
Farmers markets
Taking pictures
Looking at pictures
Cutting the lawn
Rinsing off seashells
Curling up in my bed
Waking up to the sun
Holding a coffee mug with two hands
Linking arms
Walking in sync
Standing at the top of a hill
Fixing something

No real "point" to this .... but I think it was an interesting point of reflection.

I wonder how many of these I do in an average week...

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  1. The family lawn is always available to fulfill your passion for cuting the lawn. The problem of course is our disagreement in "course". You prefer a lawn cut at a rough fairway height while the proper height is a nice crisp clean lower cut of center of a golf fairway. If this is our biggest disagreement in life, then we are doing well. You share the only item your grandfather and I could not come to terms on, lawn height.


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