What? I've been busy.

I haven't blogged in awhile. Don't be mad. I've just been super busy.

It's been a whirlwind of a week.

Remember last week when I posted those great pictures of me walking to work through the park? Well, this week I'm in Phoenix. I can walk to the client for sure (in gorgeous weather no less) but I did have to fly to get here. Boo! Spoiler alert? Phoenix is further than I thought. It was a 6 hr flight. Who knew? Not me.

So what's happened in the last week? I got put on a really great project team at work. I don't like to talk about work here (on the blog) but I'm really excited about this opportunity because what I'm participating in is like the essence of what my new company does. I've wanted to be close to the "source of innovation" and this is pretty much it. 

Other things? We had a really great Thanksgiving at home. I wore elastic banded pants the entire time. Holla for leggings! We took some great walks to the beach, snuggled in front of the fire, and drank endless pots of coffee. I wanted to do some baking but never really got around to it. Driving to the grocery store was much less enticing than watching Friends DVDs on repeat. 

I also made some significant changes to my lovely new apartment. Can I still call it new? I've technically been living there since mid-October. I brought up two new chairs .... and two Christmas trees. That makes sense right? It's a one bedroom apartment with two trees. But seriously, it was great. Is there anything better than having a few friends over for Sunday dinner and decorating a tree? I'll answer that for you. No, there isn't. 
We feasted on some pasta. But not just pasta....I sauteed some garlic, crisped up some prosciutto, and tossed in some big meatballs .... oh and there was fresh bread. One more point for the North End! 

Stay tuned for more tales about my "alive" Christmas tree ... Baby Sister and I fully documented the excursion so perhaps they'll be a post about that this week.
In the meantime, this is what Phoenix looks like (through a dirty hotel window)... tonight we are going to an English pub ... and tomorrow a Blues Bar. This might be the most social I've been at work in years. In the event that doesn't put me into shock, perhaps the fact that this is the first time in forever that I won't have stayed at a Hilton. 

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