Foliage Fun

My family jokes that when I'm not traveling I have a hard time leaving the neighborhood. Since my failed attempt to move into the North End, it could be easily assumed that I'd spend the weekend in the fetal position on the couch.... but I didn't. I actually got out and explored an area I'd never been to before, "World's End" in Hingham.

Spoiler alert: it didn't disappoint.

The weather was just so awesome this weekend that it would have been hard to stay inside guilt free. World's End comes with its fair share of walking ... and hills. Frankly, I'm surprised by the number of baby strollers I saw there because there is no way I'd be hauling anything other than myself up those hills. Is that selfish? Perhaps.

I'm pretty sure these pictures don't capture any of the hills but perhaps you'll enjoy the ocean / foliage / tractors?
 this place had like a lot of benches. which is awesome.
 I don't know this family, but that kid was pretty cute being hauled around by his dad.
A map and a BLT. It's all a girl needs in the world. 
 After taking these two pictures of whatever type of farming equipment this is.... I noticed a lot of poison ivy. This will probably be a test of whether or not I get reactions from poison ivy. I didn't even realize poison ivy was a threat in the Fall.
 I got moderately attacked by thorny bushes to get this water shot... but I think it's worth it for these faux looking clouds.
It was super windy here for some reason. I would consider myself someone with pretty decent balance. I did not exhibit great balance taking this picture. I almost fell off my rock twice - and by almost I mean that I fell once.

 All in all. I consider this suburban adventure a win. I procured the Trustees of the Reservation membership from a Gilt Boston sale and it's been worth it. I definetly would never make back my membership fees (retail value like $45ish / year) but I really enjoyed my afternoon taking in the foliage and "rolling hills".

If I want to fit in the next time I come here, I'll be sure to bring the following: a spouse, a young baby and a dog. Also, a Subaru would help. The parking lot was filled with them.

There is a slim chance of me bringing any of the aforementioned subjects with me on another visit to World's End. I'll probably just bring another BLT and a friend.

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