The Adventure Begins (Day 1 and 2)

I've pretty much only planned this adventure only 24 hours in advance. I'll say that a lot in the next few posts. But on day 1 of this journey, I checked into the Hilton Union Square Hotel .... in the midst of a 4,000 person Halloween party. I'm not a fan of Halloween. I don't like the skanky girl costumes. I hate masks. I can't get on board with all the drinking.

So, I can't even begin to describe the insanity that was the lobby, or the effort it took to get an elevator, or the redic costumes that I saw. Hint? A woman in her 40s, not skinny, in black fishnets and booty shorts.... with red pasties.... and that's it.

But, I pulled my "Diamond Status" card and got my room for free because they didn't tell me that they were hosting a gigantic drunken event in the hotel when I booked my room.

Day 2: San Francisco
I woke up super early since my body still thinks it is +3 hours. So, technically.... technically ... I slept until 9:30 in the morning which is super late for me. But, in San Francisco time I woke up before the sunrise. For about 30 seconds, I googled "best place to see sunrise in San Fran" and then realized I'd much rather have coffee in bed. So that's what I did.
However, after I left the bed I covered a lot of tourist-y ground in this hilly wonder of a city. In the interest of getting some sleep tonight, I'm going to make a list. But let's be honest... I'd probably make a list anyway.
  • walked through Chinatown and Nob Hill to Lombard Street
  • walked to Ghirardelli Square
  • took the Cable Car back from Fisherman's Wharf to Union Square area 
After a morning of walking and exploring, I was whisked away by my friends Caitlin and Matt. Always an excellent host, Caitlin made sure to show me the hot spots of SF and some good bacon. (She knows me too well). For a late breakfast, we ate at the Bean Bag Cafe where they serve tasty crepes and my favorite Niman Ranch bacon.
 After the tasty eats, we drove to Caitlin's house via all the hot spots... and by hot spots I mean we saw the "Full House" houses, the house that was in "Mrs. Doubtfire" and the Palace of Fine Arts. We also toured the Marina area and picked up some impulse buy bacon from Marina Meats.

I could continue to detail out the rest of the day but instead I'll summarize with a few of the great highlights:
  • going to Caitlin's favorite coffee shop for ice coffee ... and seeing that she's ranked #5 out of all their customers in loyalty
  • relaxing in the apartment and watching Tivo'd JEOPARDY episodes and yelling out the answers
  • eating Chicken Pot Pie dinner outside at The Grove .... and getting it all over myself as I devoured the crust
Another great thing about today? I got to try Uber for the first time, which was great since SF seems to have zero cabs and I didn't feel like wandering the streets looking for one to get back to my hotel. Super impressed with the service. Yes, it was not in the least bit free, but as a solo female in an unfamiliar city it was a great option for getting home.

On the books for tomorrow? DRIVING TO YOSEMITE.


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