North End: Take One.

So on Friday, I tried to move into the North End. 

It did not go as planed. 

I won't give you all the great details but suffice to say:
  • Crazy Rain.
  • the landlord decided to install new floors. he didn't finish. there was a saw in the living room
  • the parking permit I paid for did not force anyone to move. The police came... and towed zero cars.
  • an old lady told me that having the cars towed wouldn't be the best way to move into the neighborhood. She asked if I wanted "Mikey" to move his bike. I told her I had no idea who Mikey was.
  • the landlord decided that he didn't want to hire cleaners to come in because that would be "cosmetic"
  • my couch didn't exactly fit .... and now has a red stain on it.
and the kicker went something like this:

me: oh hi Joe [landlord] what are you doing waiting outside? Thanks for holding the door.
Joe: oh i'm waiting for a fridge
me: well thats exciting. big day. new tenant and a fridge.
Joe: yep.
Joe: so are you planning on staying today?
me: no, remember the saw in the living room.
Joe: .... riiight. ok, well I have some stuff in your fridge.
me: ..... wait, what?

Pretty much the end of the conversation. The fridge is FILLED. So, I'm going to leave all my stuff there and try again next weekend. I figure it'll take me two tries to make this work.
 Doesn't everyone want a saw in their living room?
Who wants dinner? Joe the Landlord is cooking... or at least supplying the groceries

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