11,111 Miles

This past Monday the odometer on my car hit 88, 888 miles. 

That seems monumental right?

I don't remember many of the other "historic" turns of the odometer, but I do remember the exact moment that I hit 77,777.  It was August 23, 2009. I was just about to finish my summer internship in New Jersey and was visiting my then boyfriend in Philadelphia. Life seemed pretty great.

On Monday during my return trip from an epic weekend in Vermont, I hit the 88, 888 mile mark. It seemed like a pretty big milestone. Thanks to the traffic I was sitting in on 93 South, I had a bit of time to reflect on where I'd been in those 11, 111 miles.

So here are some numbers and moments that occured in those 11, 111 miles:
  • graduated with my MBA and moved out of Brighton ... and into my parent's house
  • drove to the farmer's market weekly during the summer of 2010
  • drove to Christmas Cove in Maine for Labor Day 2010
  • drove to the train station to take the NYC Acela for 23 weeks
  • drove to Vermont for New Years 2010 (or is it 2011?)
  • drove to the Airport for a billion flights to Philly (15 weeks?)
  • drove to Maine for Labor Day 2011
and most recently drove to Vermont for an epic-ly awesome foliage filled weekend of great times.

In hindsight, I kinda of feel like that's not enough trips for 11k in miles... but instead I'll just be happy that the car doesn't record my voice when I'm singing at the top of my lungs. I only ever sing in the car. Never in a house. Never in the shower. Only in the car.

Sidenote: this car has been with me since I got my driver's license in high school. So I've had it for almost like 11 years? (math seems hard right now). That's a whole lot of ice coffees, loops by the beach, and Skittles spilled under the seat.

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