Next Life Chapter

I took this picture yesterday morning on my walk by the beach 

Yesterday was my last day at my job. 

I really think its the first job I've ever quit. I've had a handful of jobs over the years (bookstore employee, lifeguard, auditor, graduate assistant, etc) but I don't think I've honestly ever "quit" really before. This was my first time. One of my friend's asked me if I was nervous to quit and my honest response was no. When you know something isn't right and you've given it a fair shot, you aren't nervous.

I have nearly a month off before my next job starts and I'm really excited for a few things. One of which is the next month off. The second of which is my first day at my new job. I have a friend that I talk to regularly that has only really known me in this "uncomfortable" job state. It almost feels as though they've never really known the "real me". The real me is moderately obsessed with maximizing Hilton Diamond Points but would also rather live for making dinner in my kitchen and not getting take out every Monday from Bertucci's. I wonder if this friend will notice a difference in me. This job has kept me from being me.

It truly feels like the world is my oyster.

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