I love technology there are no two ways about it.
So, when on Monday I left my cellphone in the Philly Airport bathroom.... I knew it would be an issue.
But, there are a lot of things I do besides use the phone to make calls. So, I decided to make a brief list of all the things I couldn't do while I'm phone less.
  • check in on Foursquare at the Philly Airport Police Station.... while I was completing a police report
  • use my phone for directions to work from the airport. yes this was my 16th week traveling here, but there is an odd sense of comfort knowing that if I got lost. I could help myself 'get found'.
  • take my daily work picture.
  • call anyone. do you know how expensive it is to make calls from a hotel room?
  • text any bffs (or enemies)
  • track runs on RunKeeper
Oddly enough, I haven't really minded it. The only thing I minded was losing about two weeks of pictures on my cellphone. It's been nice to not worry about charging and having an excuse to just be me and not call anyone.

I did learn however that Philadelphia has multiple "Lost & Found" places. If you think that filing a police report (thanks Officer Monte!) and simply aggressively calling the Airport Communication Center will get you your phone back, you will be wrong. In addition to the Airport Lost and Found, there is also a L&F for TSA and one for each airline. Oddly enough, I'm still a little optimistic that I'm going to get my phone back one of these days. I have no reason for my optimism, just a slight faith that Philadelphia International Airport won't be able to completely take it from me.

Tomorrow morning I'll have access to an old Blackberry that I could activate and use until my new phone comes (sshhhh ... it's an iPhone).... but I'm tempted in a weird way to not activate. Live life a little less connected for a week or so. It's kind of nice.

Here is a list of all the places I would have checked-in on Foursquare during this "phone"-less period in my life:
- Airport Communication Center (M, Th)
- Philadelphia Airport Police Station (M, Th)
- Hertz (M, Th)
- Hertz Shuttle (Th)
- Wegmans (M, T)
- Work (M, T, W, Th)
- Homewood Suites - Valley Forge (M, T, W, Th)
- Bertuccis (M)
- Target (T)
- Olive Garden (W)
- Post Office (Th)
- Philadelphia Airport (Th)
- TSA Center - Lost & Found (Th)
- US Air - Communication Center (Th)
- Auntie Annie's (Th)
- Cibo (Th)

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