Thankful Thursday

Another blog I read, Boundless Fille, does this thing called Thankful Thursday and it seems appropriate since I spent the first half of the week sick with the flu. I used to think of myself as a "healthy" person but when you've gotten the flu twice in 6 months, you've got to wonder what you are doing wrong. 

So here are the things I'm thankful for as a result:
  1. my health. seems silly now, but I'm still thankful.
  2. netflix. what do people do that get sick and don't have tvs? I'm seriously confused. Because I know what I did. I watched all.... yes... all.... of the episodes of Parks and Recreation. Then when I was done with Amy Poehler I moved right on to Tina Fey. I started at Season 1 of 30 Rock and made it half way through Season 2 before declaring myself well-enough to re-enter society.
  3. honey nut cheerios. come on. these suckers are delicious. Plus, its all I ate until 2pm today {when I ate a chicken finger as my first meal}
  4. chicken fingers. seemed appropriate.
  5. air conditioning. I'd probably pick netflix over a/c but still. when you have a fever, there is only so much you can do.
  6. family. my mom picked up all the discarded gatorade cups over the past three days and kept force feeding me cheerios. plus, they pay the a/c bill.
Since today was my grand re-entry into society, I walked around the neighborhood a bit this afternoon with my best dog friend Dwight. It made me super thankful for the incredible neighborhood that I get to call home {and I'll still call it that when I move back into Boston... Fall 2011}
  1. a giant beach. complete with crashing waves.
  2. friendly faces. people who say hello as you walk past them on the beach or the street.
  3. no numbers. I started to talk to a guy on the beach tonight who in describing to me where he lived in the neighborhood didn't tell me the street number, just who used to live there two families before his. 
  4. multi-generations. I got talking to another new {to me} neighbor this evening who was great great friends with my grandmother in college. the conversation made me miss my mana & jimbo {that's what we called them} but ... also made me really appreciate how many generations of families live in our cute little safe haven.
... and with that. Good night.

Also, I think I'd like to recreate this picture from above that I found on pinterest. Add that to the summer to-do list.

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