More Pizza?

I read in a cooking magazine once that although we like to try lots of recipes to experiment, it is only by doing a recipe a million times over that we become really good at it. This makes perfect sense although I definitely didn't think of it. This is how mom's get their "famous" recipes.... because people keep asking for them.

So, I'm not exactly famous for my grilled pizza... but I've certainly made it like a whole bunch at this point. This past week we actually experimented with two new varieties: "white" pizza ... and something I'll fondly refer to as "summer fridge" pizza.

Here is how the "white pizza" night turned out. Because we are a family of 5 {and had two spontaneous guests}, we need two pizzas to get the job done. So we had the "traditional" prosciutto pizza and the white bizness.
 Normally, I like to show the pictures in the order they are taken... but alas, I didn't this time. This recipe was super super easy to make - however, I'd make MANY changes to it in the future. Rachael Ray just really likes the ricotta I guess.
  • 2 cups ricotta
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • Handful parsley, finely chopped {p.s. do you know there are like a million types of parsley?}
  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella
  • 10 fresh basil leaves shredded on top
I didn't even use all the ricotta required.... and it just tasted like we were eating ricotta. Other people enjoyed this one; however in the future. I'd probably switch it to be more "dabs" of the ricotta mixture with a bigger emphasis on mozzarella with perhaps some provolone? Essentially, follow my original pizza recipe but throw this bizness above on it :)

Also, did you love that hand model above? That's Baby Sister. I pine away for that sea glass ring that she wears :) 

And because the prosciutto pizza is my favorite.... here is just a little snappy snappy of that one.
Over the weekend, one of our favorite neighbors invited us over for a spontaneous grilling feast. She had seen my blog post about the pizza and wanted to try it. Then.... we emptied her fridge on the pizza .... and it was delicious. I can't even remember all the ingredients that we put that sucker .... chicken sausage, feta, radish, summer squash, green peppers.... a little bit of everything.
It was del...ic...ious....

The pizza dough is just a blank slate my friend.... fill it with what you wish!

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