Old Fashioned Mail

People often fall into one of two camps when certain things come up. Lake or Ocean? Beer or Wine? City or Country? I like to think one's interest in sending and receiving mail is one of the those types of categories. Personally, I L.O.V.E. getting mail. I also love sending mail. Its not about getting a gift, a new outfit, or anything like that. Its just the excitement of not knowing whats inside the mailbox that day and being surprised by a letter. Not a bill. Not a catalog. But a letter {or a box for that matter}.

This may be the root of why I get 16+ magazine subscriptions. Fundamentally I just love mail.

My friend Kristin shares a similar mindset... and she's also super thoughtful. Since she moved to the West Coast last July, she's sent me a few postcards that have made me burst out laughing. I scanned them in to share them... and for posterity sake since I never want to forget these suckers.

Very appropriate for me. Macaroni and Cheese? YES. Nerd speak? YES AGAIN.
Two weeks ago, I sent Baby Sister another "care package" at work to celebrate her 3 month anniversary. {Yeah, I'll celebrate just about anything}. I love sending her stuff at work because she really enjoys getting things from me and because its something for me to do when I'm traveling. This time, I sent her all items I found in the $1 section of Target and Rite Aid. They have some weird ass stuff in those aisles my friends.

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