One Shell. Four Ways.

As I mentioned on Friday, I've been really lucky to work at home for a week. Its the 2nd time that it has happened pretty much since mid-October. {Yep, I travel pretty frequently... and it gets old}. But this week, I was super lucky to spend some time walking the beach in the mornings .... instead of flying over it.

I often spend my travel time hidden beneath my Bose headphones... which I love dearly. Its my way of saying, please leave me alone. I know its not that friendly, but sometimes I just don't care. I want my peace and quiet. The universe is probably saying "Jen, how are you going to meet new people with your headphones on?" and Yes, universe you are right... but if someone reallllly wants to talk to me they talk over the headphones. Believe me.

In the mornings, I've been walking / bike riding the beach and snapping a few shots for cubicle inspiration. I'm constantly amazed at how one little thing can look differently in so many ways. For example, I was riding along and saw this little shell turned up and thought it looked cute. Snap.

But, then I looked at it differently. Snap. Snap. Snap. 

I'm sure a super photo person would say these are out of focus, blah biddity blah blah, but I like them.

I didn't do any editing on these pictures either. Just slapped my initials up there .... oh and made them "straight". You'd think I was blackout wasted sometimes when I take picture they are so crooked. For real yo. But sometimes, I think it looks good and make you see them anyway...

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  1. I like your photos! That shell is really interesting.

    &, unfortunately, I figured out there were a few bloggers copying because I KNOW them. You know, like they've walked into my house and they spend time with my sister and we're friends on Facebook [you're not real friends if you're not friends on Facebook, right? Haha [totally sarcastic]]. Because I KNOW them, keeping my cool has been really difficult. Fun fact, they don't think they're the copy catters! Hm...


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