Equation for a Good Long Weekend

Like any good chocolate chip cookie recipe, each person has their own special ingredients that help to make the cookie equation work for them. 

For me? I made it home three hours earlier than I expected on Thursday. What did I manage to do in those three hours you ask? I "longboard"ed in the driveway with my little brother and took a bike ride by the ocean.
I'm not ready to leave the driveway yet... but I consider it an accomplishment that I haven't broken any bones as I "speedily" make it from one end of the driveway to the other.

Today, I worked from home albeit not terribly productively. When nearly the entire family is home, its just very enticing to see them instead of stare at powerpoints. The breeze by the ocean today was much more refreshing and less humid than in previous weekends too - which was awesome. I planned for a quick evening run pre-grilled pizza dinner... and I even timed the tide right as well... not on purpose.

I love accidents like awesome tide timing.... because it allows for long runs on the beach. In fact, I've never walked/run so much of the beach before.... and yes, I've lived here for my entire life. As long as I can remember, the rocks at the "end" were the turn-around point. But today the tide was low enough, the beach inviting enough, the water gentle enough, and the breeze refreshing enough.... that I just skipped right over the rocks and kept on running. {And by skipped I mean, gingerly walked over the seaweed covered rocks in front of some gentleman playing wiffleball. I didn't want to fall and cause a scene. Plus, I was wearing a bright pink shirt, there would be no missing my flailing arms if I skidded on my butt down the rocks}

I ran for about a mile and saw some surfers in the distance and figured that'd be a good turning point - after all I had a craving for prosciutto pizza. Here is what I saw in either direction of my brief resting spot:
If that isn't the way to start a long weekend I'm not sure what is {link to my run}. The app that I use to track all my runs has a photo contest every week for pictures that were taken during recorded workouts. The pictures are often of these exotic locales - but perhaps I'll submit these beach ones this week. RunKeeper is actually a Boston based start-up so perhaps my local flavor could curry some votes.

Note: If you read my bucket list at all, you would note that I skateboarding was actually an item on my list! So check. and. mate. I originally was going to post video of me learning, but not to brag or anything .... but I just learned too quickly. I'm that awesome.

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