Cat Naps

I've been working from home this week and it feels pretty great. There are obviously many perks to it {and a few downsides} but one of them is that I get to sit in the sun during lunch and go for bike rides before I start my day.

Today, I woke up and it was pouring rain and thundering. No bike ride for Jen. Instead, I grabbed my computer and got back into bed. The rain makes me want to snuggle into couches all day and do craft projects. I won't be doing that {unfortunately} but Baby Sister's cat will be for sure. He likes to sit in my cozy blue chair during the day and nap. Here are some pictures that I've snapped over the last week during the work day.... he's just too cute to resist.

I could create some pretty great captions for these suckers, but I'll let your imagination do the work.

I'm hoping the weekend is nice and sunny so I can read in the yard and at the beach more. Its back to Philadelphia next week... booo hisssss.

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  1. I love when pets do weird things. Especially crazy things in their sleep. Cats are insanely flexible!

    & I'll have to check out that book. I really do appreciate the suggestion! :]


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