Cheaters never win.

I do not like to be cheated. I get frustrated when I feel like I'm not getting the value for my dollar. I work hard for my Washingtons, Benjamins, and the like. So, when I spend them I "savor" them ... especially if I can't expense the expense.

A few weeks back I ordered a Grande Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte but the nice Starbucks people put it in my Venti Cold Cup. The cup looked "more full" than I expected but I attributed it to the generous staff just throwing a little extra caffeine my way.

Today after spending about 4 hours on conference calls, I took a break and headed to Starbucks with Little Brother for a couple of cake pops. I almost brought along my reusable cold cup to fill but didn't ... this would be my opportunity to check and see if a "venti" was really a "venti".

Turns out, it wasn't.

As you can see in the picture above, there is a solid amount of sips leftover in the original Starbucks cup... and this doesn't account for the sip I had before I remembered my experiment... and the sip Little Brother had when he wanted to see what an iced latte tasted like. Turns out he hates it.

So... knowing that you are getting "cheated" out of probably like 6 sips of refreshing caffeine are you still going to use a reusable cup? Yes, you save like a quarter for doing it.... but the value of those 6ish sips is probably more than a quarter.

I did a quick bit of googling and didn't see anyone else talking about this... I'd love to hear what Starbucks has to say about this inaccuracy.

File this post under: Yes, I'm crazy but this still seems wrong.

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