My Summer Romance

My summer romance. Yes it's with a dog but look at that cute little face! My favorite dog friend is visiting me for a few days while his mom and dad are watching people tie the knot in Vermont. Dwight came to stay with me last summer for a few days and it was the highlight of my summer. Well, good news to me. He's staying with me again for 4 days and so far we are 2 days into our romance. 

I've been taking Dwight pretty much everywhere I go and he's an excellent buddy {and conversation starter}. During our evening walk on the beach tonight, he stopped and greeted e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. on the beach with a canvas tote. It's like he was looking for snacks. What a hoot.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures so far.
Everybody loves Dwight. He's also, always camera ready.
Its morning time. Why is this guy still sleeping? I couldn't quite get Dwight to give him "wakeup kisses". Maybe tomorrow.
After our 2nd walk to the beach, we took a "sun ourselves" break in the backyard. I turned around and Dwight stole my spot. It was a little weird to sit side by side in lawn chairs... with a dog.
After our big day, we were ready to take a brief nap/tv break. I like to think we laughed at the same 30 Rock jokes. For someone who doesn't eat "people food", Dwight is v.e.r.y. attentive to anything I'm eating.
He was very patient with me. This is before he realized I didn't bring the tennis ball with me on this walk. He was pissed {maybe} when he realized we were only walking and not playing.
Took advantage of a tide pool for a little swim.
Game Plan for tomorrow? I think we are going for a car ride in the morning... and of course double walks on the beach. Hopefully, I'll remember the tennis ball this time.

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