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As previously documented, I had an amazing weekend in Palm Beach. It had a little bit of everything. Sun, bacon, sand, rain, drinks, new friends, old friends.

This will now have been my third trip to Florida in just as many months, which seems like a lot to me considering I'm not actually a member AARP or a Disneyland fanatic. But, it was obviously amazing and totally worth it.

I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have. For instance, I have zero with the amazing bride but I still took some and I still had a very memorable weekend attempting to be classy in Palm Beach. And here is the evidence. I'll let you be the judge.

Bird's eye view of Boston from the aeroplane. Bonus points for sunset and wonderful pink skies.

Wonderfully complete wedding welcome package. I am especially thankful for the "fancy Mounds bar" and the Advil. The alligator gummies were also delightful.

Just a little poolside reading and relaxation. I'm a sucker for amazingly big and soft towels that are brightly colored. I didn't make it very far into the book. I was just too popular with the other pool guests.

Afternoon walks by the beach. The water is so perfect that it feels artificial. Like they took a vote on the perfect temperature and just set the ocean to that. I'm not joking. I loved it... until I saw fish.

BLT. Extra Bacon. Extra wonderful. Savored slowly over a book during a quick afternoon rainstorm.

Poolside at the Breakers on Saturday. Feeling fancy. 
On vacation you can get margarita in a can.... you can also get a burger that will be so amazing you might want two. But then you remember you have to get into a black tie suitable dress later, so you only have one beer and one burger.

Amazing gardens at the Breakers. Perfect for conversation and "etc".

Tea lights make everything more romantic.... but that gorgeous hoopa covered in even more amazing flowers was pretty awesome too. I wonder what the protocol is for a Catholic who wants a hoopa covered in flowers?

I have a lot of glasses. I love all of them and all of their contents. Over the course of the evening the glasses were accompanied by a trio of salmon appetizer, amazing halibut, make your own sundae, and wedding cake. All facts.

Post wedding face. Almost home and on the water taxi back to the North End. Sleep is overrated so until this point I have decided to only sleep an hour. I've learned that is not the best decision.

This is the only way I wish to commute to the airport going forward.

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