amazing friends.

The life of a single 28.75 year old female can be amazing.

You get to fill the DVR with anything you want. Nobody judges what you make for dinner from your freezer (hi frozen meatballs!). You can dry your hair in any state of undress you want. Plus, you never feel guilty for not hanging up your work clothes at the end of the day.

The other amazing part of being 28.75 is that your friends are mature and smart and sweet. When you have a bad day, they text back. They even call you. (I know right? People who use the phone. Amazing.) When we were younger, I think the natural inclination was to take you to a bar, order a cranberry vodka (or five), and wake up the next morning feeling "better" but not actually better. You might have cleansed the disappointment / anger from your system, but in the morning the confusion was still there. 

At 28.75, I'm not going to pretend that wine doesn't make a great day even better or sooth a bad day. But, my friends are a bazillion times smarter now. Like for reals guys. Maybe it's because we are really good at making PowerPoints or because we have more life experiences, but the support system at 28.75 is pretty baller.

Sometimes it's hard because everyone has a different life timeline (this is a whole different forthcoming post). People meet their partners at age 16, 21, 28, 35, etc. It's easy to feel "behind" when you are still buying milk for one and subconsciously realizing you need to flip your mattress more often since you only sleep on the right.

But. Your friends are smarter now. You like them as much, if not more, than when you first met. 

At 28.75, you theoretically know how to deal with disappointment and confusion.... most of the time. But because of your amazing friends.... you cope even better. 

Amazing right?

When I was younger, all of my immediate friends lived in the same place. Literally. I could walk to everyone's apartment in one day if I wanted. Do you know how long it would take me to walk to NYC, LA, DC? More than a day for sheezy. But, in these odd circumstances... I'm closer to my friends now than when we could take shots of mylanta during college or eat Big Dig fries in grad school. (BTW, Big Dig Fries are essentially nachos but with waffle fries. They are in one word... amazing.)

The point of all this? I have amazing friends. That text me, call me, and ... in one very special case... order Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream delivery. I'm not even joking. The delivery guy had to convince me to come downstairs because I didn't believe that I had ordered anything.

Good luck finding friends like mine. It'll be a bitch.

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