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i'm early for saturday yoga. always.

According to my Foursquare check-in history, I've been practicing yoga for 14 weeks in a row. 

This is by far the most expensive habit I have ever formed. And trust me on this. Because one summer I bought a whole lot of tank tops and my parents made me document them all with estimated cost in an Excel spreadsheet. Spoiler alert? Even if you buy it on sale, it adds up.

I feel like at least once a year you see articles about how much people spend on coffee, buying lunch versus packing, expensive shoes, etc. I'm pretty good about all of those things. I don't mind making my own coffee, I enjoy the satisfaction of eating something that I've made, and given my desire to walk the line between nautical / beach and business casual.... I don't prefer expensive shoes. I prefer TOMS.

But, I can't find a substitute for yoga. It's really quite great slash terrible.

It's even made me start to run in the mornings (and enjoy it) because my favorite yoga classes are after work. On mornings that I don't run, I try and get in 15 minutes or so of self practice on my very slanted floors ... which sometimes feels like a handicap and other times a help. But, it just isn't the same as laying down my mat in the company of others.

Initially, I thought about investigating yoga DVDs ... but I really don't want to do that. I like the anticipation of wondering what my favorite instructors have in store for the day.

Instead, I'm giving up cable.

I had initially planned on doing so when I signed up in December ... but had wavered recently. I can afford cable so why give it up? 

On Friday, I was a little frustrated. Let's call it "unbalanced". I craved going to a yoga class. I wanted the silence that came with time on my mat and guided movements... but I had already been 3 times that week. Yoga is by no means free and 3x is absolutely not free. So, I didn't go. I wanted it on Friday night, I wanted it Saturday morning. Sunday I made scones .... so I compensated with carbs. Sue me. Actually don't, just make the lemon lavender scones. 

But today! Today, I went to my 6pm class. It was great. My muscles shook, I relaxed, and I felt great.

I am not planning on giving up tv.... ever. But, I can't recall the last time a few hours of E! or Bravo made me feel as good as 75 minutes of yoga. Plus, I'm really good at wearing stretchy clothes and oversize t-shirts .... both of which totally fit with yoga. If I can fit bacon in here somewhere, it'll be like all of my worlds colliding in one amazing feat of awesomeness.

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