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Guys, I’m famous.

Just kidding of course. But I did meet a really sweet girl this weekend …. who get this … read my blog and not because I sent it to her and was like “check out this recipe I made” or more likely than not “look I posted a picture of a seal”.

Anyways. On Saturday, I went to the West Elm in Fenway because they were having a “pop up flower shop”. West Elm has like a bazillion great events with bloggers / Etsy / or whatever but I always seem to be travelling or making PowerPoints and can’t go. It’s actually a secret dream of mine to be a part of their “Front & Main” blog since it’s kind of like all my favorite things in one (internet + West Elm + cooking + pretty pictures).

It was really a perfect storm of greatness in that Becca of Petal Floral Design had peonies, West Elm had pretty vases, and I had my contact lens rebate credit card burning a hole in my pocket. Becca asked what I was hoping for in my arrangement and I pretty much left it up to her.

Needless to say I was pleased with the results.

Here are a few non-Instagram pictures that I snapped this week as I gawked at my glorious buds:

I’m really looking forward to stealing mounds and mounds of hydrangeas from my suburban garden this summer. Especially the blue ones. But the meantime, I’ll just keep paying for flowers from Whole Foods.

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