love and light

Last night I watched one of my oldest friends get married.

I could tell you about the phenomenal food, sitting by the pool, making new friends, or how I rented my dress from Rent the Runway. But all of those seem trivial compared to sitting next to your first friend from college as she removes her aching feet from her wedding shoes.

I can't quite describe it but as we sat next to the excitement of the dance floor, I almost felt like we could have been anywhere chatting. That's the best thing about Carrie. She makes you feel like you are her sole focus.

But then you realize that you aren't wearing sundresses and traipsing around Nantucket or cooking together in a kitchen. In actuality, your friend is sitting in front of you in an amazing dress and radiating happiness on her wedding day with the guy who stole her heart. I can't even put words to that.

I've always believed in love but there is something so incredible about seeing a friend in love.

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