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I’ve started a lot of posts recently and not finished them.

It’s weird what I end up writing about. Sometimes its about sitting in the park, other times the focus is on what I’m experimenting with in my kitchen, and then other days those two combine and I get thoughtful and write about what’s happening in my head.

But writing isn't coming to me today despite wanting to write. Perhaps my ability to write went to the same place as my patience and balance. The balance is a legit issue given that I have slanted floors and the last thing I need is to start falling over while standing up. I already have a suspicious bump on my head with no known cause. I hit myself in my sleep? That seems like a bad thing.

So here are the rough headlines of things I started to write but didn't:
+ mentors
+ life timelines
+ age is but a number (or is it)
+ do butterflies exist
+ turning 29
+ my biological clock is (not) ticking

Maybe tomorrow will be a better writing day. My friend Carrie is getting hitched this weekend in FLA ... and I'm sure that will get the ole juices flowing. A good emotional event usually does. Until then, I'm just going to keep deep conditioning my hair and cursing that 2nd glass of wine I had on Sunday night. The 2nd glass of wine led to my new sundresses being shipped to my parents house... as opposed to my house. Inconvenient. Initially I was inclined to blame an unknown 3rd party ... but Meghan keeps me honest. The fault lies with the wine.

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