pink cheeks

minot beach on soothing saturday night

One of my favorite parts of summer is nighttime. I know, the summer is about warmth and sun ... and I say nighttime. Let me clarify.

I love the feeling of sun-kissed skin after the sun has set.

It's almost like getting a gold star for having a great day.

I'm pretty sure any dermatologist / doctor / etc is going to be mentally tisk tisking the computer screen. And I get it. I really do. I'm Irish. I have blonde hair, blue eyes ... and skin that matches all of those physical traits. I just do not "tan". I never will.

But, tonight as I mentally recap the weekend in my head... my cheeks are pink and my arms have a slight glow to the them. I'm probably the only person that is okay with a sunglass tan on a Monday morning. It's my way of reminding myself of fun times during the course of a work week. I want to see my nose a different color than my eyes. It's like a badge of awesomeness / memories / fun. 

So tomorrow, when I'm sitting at my desk and looking at emails. I'll be thinking of the following:
  • walking to commuter rail on Saturday morning with my canvas tote filled with dirty laundry ... and stopping to see the seals
  • sitting on the back porch of the family house drinking an ice coffee while family filters around
  • splitting my first golf club BLT with baby sister
  • gawking at the ocean during a all ladies sunset bike ride .... wearing maxi dresses
  • countless hours sitting in Adirondack chairs on the front lawn waving at neighbors
  • long runs through suburbia
  • dominating two pots of coffee (as a family of course)
  • taking a nap on the train back to Boston ... and balancing my laundry as a ride my Hubway bike towards the North End
  • impulsively stopping for $5 appetizers at Bacco because it felt right ... and having to pay because a waitress spilled water all over me
... but most of all. Losing track of time in my hammock and loving all of it.

Good thing I'm not friends with any doctors. I don't need anyone reminding me tomorrow of my poor  sun "behavior" on this sunny weekend. Also, I'm thankful that only baby sister was around to see me tumble out of the hammock this afternoon. I'm not totally sure how I ended up beneath it but I think it started when I was trying to be photogenic. 

In parting, I will share my "recipe" for a phenomenal summer cocktail. It's called a "white ice" ... and it was bestowed on me by my Dirty Jerz roommate Jenny. Without Jenny, I would have gone insane during the Summer of 2009. She also introduced me to chicken sausage but I'm more thankful for "white ice" and watching "So You Think You Can Dance" while yelling at the tv together.

White Ice
White Wine ... any type (I'm not a chardonnay fan ... so I tend to go with Pinot Grigio)
Lemon slices
Carbonated clear tonic / seltzer (lemon seltzer or regular tonic)

Yeah.... its that easy. Combine all three in whatever proportions suit your soul. Its the most refreshing summer cocktail I've stumbled across recently. Plus, it has great memories of attempting to improve our pool game and judging the other people in our apartment complex. Both of which are great skills I still haven't quite perfected.

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