Nice and Easy

 I love it when life is nice and easy. Even if it comes with a dash of rain.

Doesn’t that dinner look delicious? Well it was.

I’ve always loved a dinner cooked by Meghan and this one was no different. On the menu? Butternut Squash soup with broiled fish and tasty salad. Meghan’s parents have a very productive garden in Vermont …. And that’s where the butternut squash came from. Holla!

So, a few quick details about the meal?
Butternut Squash Soup. Roasted the squash whole in the oven. Added the mooshy goodness to some sautéed onions and assorted spices. Added to a blender with a bit o’ chicken broth.
Halibut Delight. Broiled in the oven. Tossed the fish in a casserole dish with a bit of butter, white wine, dill, and lemon.
Side Salad. Arugula with cucumber, feta, and itty bitty baby tomatoes.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things…. But it was seriously awesome. I can’t wait to make this halibut again soon.

One more day in DC. I’d be super sad if I didn’t already have plans to be back in early December. 

Also, how cute is Dixie the wonder dog? Just looking in on her BFF in the kitchen. 

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