Wine, Cheese, and America

Are you tired of seeing pictures of America yet?

I sure hope not. I've really enjoyed Instagram-ing the hell out of this place. Yesterday was my last night in DC and true to form, Meghan did not disappoint. Knowing my love of cheese, white, and the night sky she pulled together an easy and great "night on the town".
We met up for dinner at Sonoma on (or maybe just near?) Capitol Hill. I've gotten really great at navigating the Metro so it was no challenge to get there from Arlington. The Metro is super easy so I can't get too boisterous about my "new skill". Prior to knocking back a glass of delish wine, Meghan took me on a brief tour "of the Hill". I got to see the Capitol Building, Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court Building.... all light up and illuminated in the chilly night. Just my speed :)

Details on the tasty eats? 
Wine: We elected to "savor" a few glasses of Falanghina "Campi Flegrei" Cantine Farro. A good departure from the sav blancs we tend to enjoy.
The eats: We shared a cheese plate that was the I subsequently dominated the pappardelle pasta - which I chose because it had pancetta.Meghan had the fettuccine ... and the other guests seemed pleased with their burgers. Oh, and the fries that came with the burgers. Ah-maze-ing. 
So, I'm not going to move to DC anytime soon. But, this city is pretty great.... unexpectedly. I really enjoy how easy it is to navigate, the breadth of options for things to do, and fundamentally how historical this place is. If I had to pick a new city to move to, DC would be it.

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