On the Dock

Sometimes a little walk is better than a long walk.
I was going to go to Norris River Reservation yesterday afternoon but decided to save that for today. So at the last minute, I went to the "Driftway" part of Scituate. I have no idea how it got that name but that's just what it's called.  The Driftway area is known for kayakers, bird watchers, and people trying to take family pictures. Oh, and the dump is right near by. So, you can really take care of everything at the same time.


There is this little trail / path there in memory of A.J. Steverman, a kid whose life ended all too quickly as a teenager. The path winds through the woods just a little bit, but the real selling point is when you get to the docks.

I think you'll agree with me on that one.

There is another little section of dock that had these two older men fishing on it. I'm honestly not sure how they were pulling in fish since there wasn't any water. But that's for them to worry about not me.

The lighting was really quite neat on that section and perhaps these few pictures are just a little more "artsy" as only certain areas are in focus. I like them and this is my blog so that's why I posted them.

Bonus Pictures:
The guys in this boat were a great source of entertainment. They hollered at the old men on the docks to see what they were catching. When they didn't get a response back, one of them said "only thing I ever caught was crabs from the sketchy girl". (Editor's note: he did not say sketchy... I'm keeping it clean here... and I honestly can't remember his exact wording). The boat boys were kind enough to holler at me as well. It's always an emotional booster when someone yells "hey blondie" from a boat. I'm only half kidding. It felt pretty good. I do love my blonde hair.

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