Lovely Start

You know when you walk away from a weekend just feeling hella productive? That's pretty much how I felt falling asleep last night. Maybe I'll write a post on that at some point today. Not having internet at my house yet is proving to be both productive and unproductive at the same time.

This morning I didn't have to be work until 10 am - which was incredible. So instead of wasting my morning in front of The Today Show (sorry Matt Lauer.... but I gain little intellectual knowledge from you), I actually went for a run. Seriously. If you've ever read this blog before, you know that I love to run by the ocean ... and thankfully the North End is on the water. So this is what I ran past today:

A bit chilly but remarkable none the less. I loved it and felt super productive all before 8 am.

Another great part of today? I get to walk to work now. Its about a 2 mile walk from my house to my office - or 30ish minutes. I'm sure there are a lot of people that like to hop on the T but for someone who has spent the last year plus on planes, trains, and lugging suitcases around.... I walked. 

What can you really complain about when you start your day with a cup of coffee, see the water (and some super historical sites) on a morning run, and walk through the public garden on the way to work?
Answer: Not much.

Bonus Picture:
Meghan convinced me last week in a wine haze that I should have a real Christmas tree this year. I've had fake ones for years. So I impulse bought a tree stand via the Amazon app on my phone... in a bar. Part of her selling point went something like this "you live in the North End! Don't you want to buy your Christmas tree from some guy on the corner?!?". I doubted her a bit, but turns out she was right.

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