Stone Walls and Dragonflies

I have a thing for stonewalls. I seriously love them.

I most certainly never appreciated the stone walls that surrounded our childhood house. I got the historic beauty part, but the labor factor... that's the incredible part. Now, that I've seen people build stone walls I'm blown away when I try and think about laborers building all the stone walls that criss cross the South Shore.

If I could put stone walls, open water, and a big ole barn in one place .... with a stellar fireplace .... I would put my feet up and never leave. 

Well, I got closer to finding that reality on Wednesday when I went to the Norris River Reservation in Norwell. It's been on my list for a few weeks now and I'm almost embarrassed it took this long. The place was a piece of cake. I great place for a quick leisurely walk to get some fresh air.

I was trying to think about a way to summarize this place and I just can't really beat what they have on their website: "Hike past a former mill pond, cross a wetlands boardwalk, and explore a forest of pine and oak on your way to a boathouse on the banks of the tidal North River." The only thing they left out were all the great stone walls....

As you can see from the map, this place is super manageable... the yellow doodle is the route that I took. I left out the notation from when I fell in a stream and got my feet wet. That's my little secret. If you ever go, I'd like you to think I was being crazy adventurous ... and not a dummy.

Sometimes I feel like my pictures capture what I'm trying to get across... and other times not as much. That's how I feel about the stone walls. I also feel that way about dragonflies. This place was loaded with them (for some reason) and they just wouldn't sit still for a photo sesh. It's like they have some blog rep to protect.
The light in this picture is captivating to me. Especially when compared to the pine trees to the right...
I was on the forest floor for this one. These little babes were growing right under the illuminated tree from above. Just growing all by themselves, no help from anyone. Kinda awesome no? 
My tools for the day. What you can't see is that my left shoe is significantly "damp". Really wish I had my Hunter Boots!
I didn't pay this canoe guy ... but I should since he was an all-star subject. I swear I wasn't hiding in the marsh grass.
I'm in love with this reflection. Can you see that one leaf floating?

Bonus Image:
When I got to the Old Boathouse, I found myself with some company. A father and his toddler son having lunch ... and an old man reading a book. Pretty much the exact reason why places like this should exist right? Oh, and the little boy? He was terribly cute. After each bite of his sandwich he got to go and get another leaf... which he called a boat. And.... he had shark bites for a snack. That took me way back.

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