Palm Trees Please // Day 1

Welcome to Palm Beach! Or at least a slightly less amazing area 10 minutes to the west of Palm Beach. Whatever. The beach is still the beach. I’m down here for a few days chaperoning Jake on a school trip. Despite how much time we spend together in general, this is our first trip together… and I’m pretty excited about it.

Today was a travel day that was made longer because I don’t live 15 minutes from the airport anymore. That was a huge bummer to realize especially at 4:15 in the morning. I honestly had not even looked at the weather before coming down. It wasn’t as though anything I was doing could change so I just tossed a couple yoga outfits and sundresses in a bag and called it a day. After a rainy afternoon, I was a bit anxious about 4 days in the rain – but it looks like that was a false alarm.

I settled in to the hotel, took a snack trip to Target, and a lovely walk around Worth Avenue. Downtown Palm Beach is ritzy to say the least – but I successfully parallel parked my rented Jetta right between all the Bentleys and Jaguars and even one Tesla. Before I left the hotel for scooting around, I did a tiny bit of research on where I could get lunch. I ended up at Café via Flora which is nestled in one of the back “alleys” of Worth Ave. I put alleys in quotes because I’m not sure what other word to use but they are the opposite of an “alley”. They are loaded with palm trees, flowers, fountains and beautiful architecture.

Café via Flora was loaded with families getting lunch and I absolutely loved it. I waited only a few minutes for an outdoor table in the sun before dominating a fresh spinach salad and about one million iced teas. They just kept filling it and I just kept drinking it. When I'm at restaurants in Boston - or just out and about - I feel like I see a lot of friends out together, but Palm Beach is really all families. Multiple generations out walking, kids out with grandparents, or any combination of the two - it is so amazing and heart warming to see. No sarcasm. I love seeing families together.

Tomorrow? I’m going to a yoga class on the beach and then I’m not quite sure what else. Probably a good old fashioned walk and hopefully a little bit of sunshine.

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