Bye Palm Beach // Day 5

Bye Florida.

Today was largely uneventful. It was a lot of drive to the airport, go through security, go through security again because you accidentally left the terminal, and then fly home. But before all that, I took a sunrise walk on the beach. It might have been one of the prettiest sunrises in the last couple days. Lots of pink in the sky and shells on the beach.

I normally keep to myself when I'm walking the beach - especially this early in the day. But this nice Dad-type saw me collecting shells and gave me a few that he had found. In his words, I would have found them myself if I walked faster. They are pretty much perfect.
Since much of the day was going to be spent sitting, it felt like a good opportunity to get some yoga in as well. I have never taken pictures of myself doing yoga before this weekend - and I'm really looking forward to comparing these in the future and noting any progress. Until then, I'm going to namaste on the couch for the night and bask in the light of my Christmas tree and Eleanor rolling around on the sheepskin rug.

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