1 Alligator, 1 Manatee, 5 Turtles // Day 4

After two days of trying to find something "nature" related to do in Florida (besides walk on the beach), I finally achieved my goal. It was actually a really great day with no repeats visits like the previous days. I didn't go back to the Gardens- just kidding of course I did. I tried new places to eat. And. I saw an alligator. Win.

With no beach yoga this morning, I had to make my own beach yoga. I've never really done yoga solo in public. I have always been a bit timid about my practice and worried that I would be doing something wrong and people would judge me for it. Or think it was silly to be doing yoga in general. But, now I don't care. I'm not exactly practicing in an airport (that happens!) but the beach at sunrise is fare game. It was a gorgeous sunrise walk. Plus, the people on the beach at this hour are very normal - so it oddly feels safer than in the middle of the day.

I was really craving a little bit of a greasy breakfast and totally stumbled upon the Surf Side Diner. I found it on my phone when I searched for coffee and figured it didn't hurt to give it a shot. It might be one of my favorite finds in Palm Beach. You literally feel like you've stepped back in time. Plus, the breakfast was just perfect. I went in wanting bacon and coffee - and came out ready for the day.
Wakodahatchee Wetlands
I'm never going to be able to say Wakodahatchee Wetlands - or spell it. I have no idea what it means either. But, I do know that it is seemingly where all the bird watchers and older people go in the area to take walks. I was the youngest person here by a cool 30-40 years... and completely in the minority. While I was scouring the view for alligators, everyone else was looking at the birds. 

If I come back to Palm Beach again, I'm not exactly making a return trip here. That being said, it was easy to get to, great walking paths, and a fair amount of wildlife. Like I've said 23 times, I really wanted to see an alligator but right up until I was leaving I had only seen about 5 turtles and one million birds. Then, I spied that sucker just lurking in the water. Jackpot. 
Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
This place was about 20 minutes away from the last wetlands spot and I pretty much only had time to kill until my next meal. If the Wakodahatchee was filled with elderly, the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center was filled with children. But, I didn't care at all because... BABY TURTLES. 

It seems like they are doing some rehab on some trails and viewing spots, which limited a little bit of activity but there was a butterfly garden and a view of the inter-coastal waterway. Literally within 3 minutes of arriving I had seen a manatee. I was pretty excited about that. I didn't see another one but that's okay. The primary purpose of this facility is a turtle hospital - so there were a bunch of turtles ranging from baby to adult all getting some treatment and all of them had names. 
Easy Afternoon
I ended up getting lunch at the Amici Market in downtown Palm Beach. If I lived in the area - or had known it existed before this - I would be there all the time. I saw this dessert called a "Swedish Croissant Pie" and it looks phenomenal. I'm going to have to do more research on that. They made a great caprese sandwich and it came with two sides. The heirloom tomato salad could have been skipped, but mushroom arugula was a win. I of course at it at the Four Arts Gardens... and proceeded to get completely drenched in a sudden rainstorm. Like, comically drenched.

I picked up Jake for dinner and apparently all he wanted was to go to a juice bar. I've never seen him drink a glass of juice in the first place but no biggie. A little googling and we were at Bee Organics in downtown West Palm Beach. I wish I had known about this place earlier! They are a juice bar and yoga studio! Yoga classes are only $7 which is a flat out steal. Jake got the Paradise because he wanted something with mango and I tried the Berry Power smoothie. We enjoyed our smoothies walking around Sandi Land and seeing the giant sand Christmas tree all lit up. So bright and hard to take a decent picture.

I closed out the evening by demolishing the hotel bathroom washing all my white sea shells I've collected. Seriously, sand everywhere. I'm not sorry about it - but it was quite messy. It was like I murdered a sand castle.
Tomorrow? We are leaving. So it's really just a case of go to the airport and fly home. Maybe some light beach activity in the morning. I can always use more shells.

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