A little bit of everything // Day 3

Today was overall a win. I got some yoga in, had a BLT, and ate dinner with my brother. In the loss column? A failed trip to a nature preserve. All nature is beautiful but I expected a little bit more for engagement. No big deal. Other exciting things compensated for that loss. 

Today was just as windy as the day before but thankfully Kerri didn't cancel class. While we didn't get to practice on the beach, yoga under the palm trees is not sad at all. Kerri focuses more on cuing the belly than other instructors I've had which is interesting. I wish I could remember all the notes but I guess I'll just have to go to her next retreat in the Bahamas.
After yoga, I drove about 20 minutes north to a state park that I found on the internet - but it was a bit of a disappointment. It seemed like essentially a long boardwalk and I didn't feel like paying $6 to try that out. I immediately recovered from this hiccup with a picnic lunch at Publix. Spoiler alert: any grocery store in Palm Beach proper is going to be really nice. The samples were delicious. I had some pecan crusted ham, potatoes and asparagus.

I felt really drawn back to the Society of the Four arts for lunchtime. I took the suggestion of the ladies I met yesterday and took my Publix BLT to the gardens. If I lived in Palm Beach, I would come here so often. It would be my version of walking the beach or sitting by Boston Harbor eating breakfast sandwiches. While the gardens get better the further you walk into them, I am a big fan of the entrance. There is this incredible smell of jasmine and some great lattice ivy work. Another favorite? This gigantic tree in the back. It does not come out well in pictures at all - but I tried.
After two days of wandering around Palm Beach and Worth Ave, I tried to actually capture some of my favorite details. There is an abundance of ceramic tiles, fountains, terrace gardens, colorful blooms... and fountains. As you get a block away from the main drag, every property is surrounded by some serious boxwood hedge. So tall and so lush and so much maintenance :) 
Sibling Time
We wrapped up the day with a nice sibling dinner and a cruise around to see the holiday lights. Jake has been in meetings much of the day and had yet to see the beach! So, it felt like a must that we cruise the coast a bit and marvel at the houses. By the time we were ready to eat it was dark enough to see all the lights. There is a gigantic tree on Worth Ave that he willingly posed for a picture with. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! To keep things nice and easy we dined on some pizza at Pizza al Fresco - where I had been for lunch the day before. Nothing amazing to write home about, but the company was delightful.
Tomorrow? There is no yoga on the books so I'm not quite sure what I'll do. I was doing some googling tonight and found a nature walk that I'm pretty optimistic about. Time will tell.

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