Meet Marshall

I’m a big fan of the Timehop app on my phone. It might be one of the first things I look at each morning as I delay getting out of bed. These days my commute unfortunately propels me a little faster from the covers… and earlier to boot. This morning the app kindly reminded me that this is the anniversary of when my tree fell over last year.

I loved Mr. Tree from 2014. He was a gift delivered by my dad after we discovered they weren’t selling trees at Faneuil Hall anymore. So my Dad lovingly picked allegedly the smallest tree up from the burbs and delivered it to my apartment. I was a little late coming home and found Mr. Tree already firmly implanted in my living room… with the his top severed and in the middle of my kitchen floor.  He was just a tiny bit too tall for my North End apartment.  A few days after that, he fell over in my living room and I was alerted by my security camera in the middle of a workday. Modern technology is a beautiful thing.

My tree this year is pretty great. It was one of the first things I put together after the move. Christmas is by far one of my favorite times each year and the idea of not having a tree for a second was inexcusable. I take a big slice of enjoyment in making / crafting / assembling the ornaments each year. I had seen an Instagram from one of my favorite artists, Emily Jeffords, and some painted ornaments she had completed. I was nearly confident that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off like her – but loved the inspiration and went with it.

So meet Marshall the tree. He got his name because he overlooks the marsh. I’m not sure how many years these ornaments will stick around but I love them for this year. Bonus? A few of the ornaments were done by my family during a post-Thanksgiving. I also discovered that my brush strokes get more free (aka better) if I have a glass of wine to loosen up.

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