Faux Beach Yoga // Day 2

Every day when I’m at home I wake up at 6 am. In part because I try to get the 6:40 train to work – but also because I’m an early person. So, I just assumed that I would wake up in time for my morning yoga class – and I just barely did. I slept nearly two hours later than normal. I guess that’s what happens after an early travel day?


I didn’t have a big agenda for the day – but had put a few things on my list for exploring. My main goal was attending Beach Yoga with Kerri Verna. I’ve followed Kerri on Instagram for a few years and always loved her beach shots. When I figured out she was only 20 minutes from Palm Beach, I made sure to keep room in the schedule for her morning classes. Kerri normally cancels class if the weather is either: pouring rain, below 60 degrees, or super windy. Luckily for me, Kerri didn’t realize it was super windy until she had already gotten to the beach… so class wasn’t cancelled. We just rolled out our mats on the grass under the palm trees and got to work. One of my favorite aspects of yoga is how different all teachers are so it was awesome to experience someone new and someone that I’ve followed for a few years. Kerri could not have been nicer – and we are going to work together to schedule a Boston workshop. Fangirl moment for sure.

Hotel room coffee is fine for a work trip but on a vacation, I prefer to get my caffeine outside. Before I went to yoga, I grabbed a cubano coffee with cafe con leche. The woman at Common Grounds Coffee bar said she essentially thinks of it as a sugary latte.

For lunch, I went back to back to Worth Avenue and tried out Pizza al Fresco. Like the name indicated, I ate al fresco right next to a fountain ... and nearly surrounded by a bunch of mini dogs. Despite my love of carbs, I again had the spinach salad - but it was not as amazing as the first one. 


SANDI LAND - I wasn't exactly sure what to do in the area if sitting on the beach wasn't a clear option. I did find a few gems. There were a few markets in downtown West Palm Beach to be explored. All the markets were around this Christmas themed area called "Sandi Land". The centerpiece of Sandi Land was a gigantic Christmas tree made of sand. I think it was 500 tons. At night, they apparently light up the tree with a bunch of different colors. Maybe we'll get down here to check it out.
SOCIETY OF THE FOUR ARTS - On my way cruising around Palm Beach, I spied the Society of the Four Arts. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant but it seemed like it would be amazing. There was an amazing wall, iron gates, and gigantic trees. It was absolutely a perfectly manicured oasis. I can't recommend coming here enough. There are so many great little places to sit and read or chat with a friend. I ran into a group of older women having a picnic who offered me salami. I kid you not. I said no but they did seem harmless.
BEACH - If I had to pick my two favorite parts of Palm Beach, they would be driving down Royal Palm Way and walking on the beach. I noticed that the trees were wrapped it lights on Friday, so I made sure to drive by at night. It was well worth it. It was also worth it to do some yoga on the beach - despite the fact I got sand in the mute switch. As a result, I can't turn the sound off anymore. I have high hopes that this will rectify itself.

Tomorrow? There is another beach yoga class - weather dependent. I'm also doing some googling about nature reserves. There must be one in the area... and I'd really like to see an alligator.


  1. They offered you salami and you said NO????

    1. I know. I know. But while these ladies seemed harmless, they also seemed crazy.

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