thanksgiving activities

I am most certainly a person who is rejuvenated by nature - never by the city.

I don't need to run to feel at peace, a simple walk will suffice. And, I did that nearly every day of this longer Thanksgiving break... and I loved it. I was talking to my sister last week about how desperate I was to just get home (and by home, I mean my parents). I haven't been travelling or excessively socializing but I just really needed to refresh my spirit a bit with some relaxing days at my parent's house.

There was a fair bit of cooking over the last few days but also a healthy amount of Netflix, walking, and sleeping. My Jawbone and I clocked in 8+ hours nearly every night. At one point, we did a puzzle. We set up the fleet of family Christmas trees and ate a lot of Cheddar Blasted Goldfish. But, the walking is the part that I loved the most.

My parents neighborhood isn't a big one by any means - but there is a small section of it that I hadn't been to in 20 plus years. The last memory I have of walking in this section was when I was seemingly about 10 I would guess. My dad and his childhood best friend took all the kids for a walk. I don't remember much but I remember it being just dads and kids. Running back and forth on the secluded paved driveways... and specifically passing this old carriage house. It was so cool to see it again.

I can never resist a shot of a roof-line against a bright blue sky. The remote little tip of land is just like what I would imagine Minot was 60-70 years ago. Houses spread apart. Views for days. Rocks everywhere. While it is only a mere mile from the "hubbub" of the neighborhood, it feels so quiet and peaceful and remote. At one point, there is like this big field that just feels straight out of some English romantic drama movie. It's quite literally breathtakingly gorgeous.

So, I went back three days in a row. Because that's what I do - get addicted to things and then do them over and over again until I can't.

Here are some pictures of the other activities...

[1] All the essentials were packed and ready for the burbs: Christmas presents, dirty laundry, and recyclables. And Eleanor.
[2] There are few things better than coming home and getting to take a walk with Ruby May. While a great summer evening would be awesome, there is something equally great about both of us wearing giant yellow rain coats.
[3] Ruby May loves her stick. I do not love stubbing my toe on it.
[4] Bagel bombs are the bomb.
[5-7] A few more shots of the Glades... it's like a different world.
[8] Dad and I on our walk through the Glades.
[9] Forced blonde bonding. Nobody seemed upset .... but also nobody seemed super excited.
[10] I'll admit that we are a slightly weird family... but if you don't find a cat in clothes weird then I've got nothing for you. My mom bought Eleanor this dress and needless to say we all enjoyed it more than she did.
[11] Blondes on a walk.
[12] The Boy Scouts in our town sell Christmas trees every year. A little part of me thought a fairy took them down from the forests and set them up in parking lots for people to buy them ... turns out they arrive on a giant flatbed truck. There is something I really like about this picture though... the silhouettes of the boys on top of the trees is rather awesome.
[13] The marshes were just like fields of gold ... and gorgeous.
[14] Resting on the lawn after our final beach walk

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