life lessons in skiing

Two life lessons today kids. And if life isn't about learning lessons and taking adventures then you are probably just wasting your time. So here is what I learned today:
  1. If you go up the mountain, you have to come back down it... and the terrain isn't going to magically be different.
  2. If the color map costs $1, you should buy it ... even if the ski rental lady tells you that you don't need it.
But today was rather awesome and in a totally different way than my earlier skiing adventure.

All of the trails were fully decked out in white. The trees were bowing under the weight of the weeks weather and it just seriously was a winter wonderland. An empty one at that. Despite a full parking lot, I felt like I had the mountain to myself. In the 2.5 hrs I traipsed around, I only saw 4 people, maybe 5. At one point, I became acutely aware that I could hear absolutely no trucks or people... only the gentle swishing of my skis. Soon after this moment, I realized I had no idea how to fight off a bear or deal with a avalanche. I'm not sure either of those are threats at Windblown Cross Country Ski Center.

Guys, I know this is obvious but I kinda forgot about mountain logic. And it didn't become clear to me how bad the map situation was until I fell down for the 2nd time. The thing is, I kind of just always have this approach to physical activity that if it gets too hard, I can just stop and walk. I said it with my half marathon and I thought about today when I was on the top of Barrett Mountain. Granted walking down the mountain in ski boots would have been a terrible experience... but I knew it was possible.

[1] All of the trails on the lower mountain looked like this. Heavy with snow. I half thought a deer might cross my path at any moment.
[2] This isn't a field. It's a pond. I really think it could have used a bigger sign. Also, it would have been awesome if I saw a beaver at Beaver Pond.
[3] Just a little selfie to document that I made it to the top. 
[4-5] This is real. That is what it looked like.
[6] I really wish the picture showed it ... but these trees were literally glistening like Christmas lights. They were covered in ice at the top and the light was just right for lighting them up.
[7] I love snow on trees. Sue me.
[8] My mom's maiden name is Barrett - so I thought it was kind of cool that this was Barrett Mountain. Oddly enough, this specific trail almost broke my spirit and/or my foot. I took a rather big tumble and ignored the "no walking signs" and took of my skis and walked the rest of it. 
[9] I had been on this "East View Crossover" trail from start to finish. At one end, no mention of it being challenging ... at the other end (where I finished) it has that cute little emblem noting that its advanced.
[10] Never been so excited to see the lodge. 

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